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Over 10,000 students from around the world have used these Mock Test Packages and achieved their desired PTE scores! Preparing with these PTE Practice Tests is the most straightforward way to achieve a high exam score. Sign up by selecting a package from the list below.


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  • No. OF Mock Tests - 12
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Features of PTE Mock Test Practice Platform

real exam pte

Pte exam format in real life

The PTE mock test software simulates the exam that you will face in your actual PTE academic exam. As a result, practising here will get you in the right mindset for your exam.

automatic scoring

Automatic scoring

Your PTE practise test scores are calculated using a scoring computer system similar to that used by Pearson. Our experts created the scoring system after thoroughly researching all scoring parameters.

score cards

Score cards that are accurate

Your PTE Mock test scorecards will give you an accurate picture of your current level of preparation. You can use this to determine whether you are ready to take the exam or if you need more preparation.

report details

Reports in detail

You will not only receive a score card at the end of your PTE practise test, but also a detailed report that will help you understand your strong and weak points. You'll get a clear picture of what you need to work on to reach your goal score.

recent patern

The most recent pattern

Every question in these PTE mock tests is based on the most recent Pearson pattern. Our experts research recent exam questions and create mock tests based on them. Every question on the PTE mock test online platform is designed to improve your PTE score.

expert advice

Expert Advice

Our certified PTE tutors will assist you at every step of the way. Our tutors have assisted over 10,000 students in achieving their desired score. They will gladly assist you if you have any questions after taking a scored PTE mock test.


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PTE Exam Format

Know about the PTE Exam Format

The PTE exam is divided into four sections - Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. Each section consists of a variety of questions. Keeping in mind the pattern of questions in the real exam, we have curated a full PTE Online Mock Test and even separate sectional practice sets such as.

  • PTE Reading Mock Test
  • PTE Listening Mock Test
  • PTE Speaking Mock Test
  • PTE Writing Mock Test
listening pte


This section will take about 30-43 minutes to complete.
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writing pte


You will receive a 10 minute summary of the given text and a 20 minute essay.
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Reading pte


This section contains 15-20 integrated but independent items to test your skills.
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Speaking pte


In the PTE test, speaking is the first part of the exam.
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Our Mock Test Scoring Process

computerized score

Computerized scoring

The automated PTE exam software scores your tests first. This is the same as your actual PTE exam.

examine score

Examine Your Scores

Our expert tutors will then go over your score cards to determine specific areas where you can improve.

score card

Score cards

After analysis, your score card will be ready, giving you a clear picture of your level of preparation. Practice with 4800+ real exam questions.

Comprehensive report

Comprehensive report

The detailed Reports offer targeted insights and feedback to ensure you have everything you need to improve.

Expert Tutor assistance

Expert Tutor assistance

Finally, if you require any assistance or additional guidance, our expert tutors are always available to you.

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