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PTE Writing Practice Tests

This task has two types of questions: write an essay and summarize the written text.

You will receive a 10 minute summary of the given text and a 20 minute essay. Don't forget to include the gist of the passage exactly.

pte writing

Pattern of Questions

  • Summarize written text
  • Write essay

Summarize Written Text

This is used to assess your ability to analyze key points and integrate the information provided. You need to write summary of the passage. List down the key points first and then develop the summary of the paragraph.

Up To 75 Words 10 Minutes 1-2
Prompt length Time to answer Number of questions

Write Essay

Long-form questions test your ability to write eloquent, complete, and persuasive arguments on specific topics. Use regular academic vocabulary to get good grades. Write an essay of 200 words or more in 20 minutes.

200-300 words 20 Minutes 1-2
Prompt length Time to answer Number of questions

Required skills for PTE Writing

Identify the main purpose

Determine the purpose and key information of the letter.

Insert the correct paragraph

Write introductory and concluding paragraphs to get the right structure.

Write descriptively

Write narrative paragraphs and theories for specific posts.

Develop structure Writing

Compensation Statements as Part of a Supporting Opinion.

Understand the structure

Understand the structure and create contour connections.

Note writing

Use notes to write down a precis of your principal ideas. Use synonyms.

Tips for PTE Writing

Use an erasable notepad.

Keep writing for improvement.

Use time efficiently.

Try to create your own template.